Shipping is at the core of our practice, and our services to the shipping industry have a 360 degree perspective: from setting up businesses to all aspects of shipping throughout the life of a ship.

We assist a broad range of clients both in Denmark and abroad with the preparation of all types of commercial transactions involving ships and with the consequences of maritime accidents.

With an international outlook and an extensive network, we are capable of solving matters worldwide.
  • Shipbuilding, repair and conversion
  • Ship sale and purchase and finance
  • Ship management, brokering and agency
  • Bareboat, time, voyage and other charterparties
  • Contracts of affreightment/carriage and bills of lading
  • Newbuilding, H&M, P&I, FD&D and war insurance
  • Collisions, groundings and casualties
  • Cargo, bunker, passenger and personal injury claims
  • Ship arrest in Denmark and around the globe