Trade, transport and logistics are inseparately intertwined and are all at the heart of our practice.

We advise on international sale and purchase of goods and commodities, and we draft, review and negotiate both standard terms and bespoke logistics contracts and transport agreements for providers as well as receivers of logistical services.

We assist with resolution of disputes by settlement negotiation, mediation, litigation or arbitration in cases concerning loss of, damage to or delay in delivery of goods under any contracts for carriage of goods.
  • International and domestic sale of goods and commodities
  • Defects liability, product liability and warranty claims
  • Transport of goods and passengers by road, rail, sea or air
  • Door-to-door and combined transport
  • Terminal, storage and distribution agreements
  • Logistics agreements and volume contracts
  • Freight forwarding, brokering and agency agreements
  • FFL, specialist professionel indemnity and cargo insurance
  • Cargo and passenger claims